Two days in-person or six 2-hour sessions online


$975.00 USD

Who should attend?

  • Information architects
  • Content strategists
  • Information developers for both publications and training
  • Publications and training managers

Upcoming workshop:

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This workshop title is available both in-person and online.


Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) and Large Language Models (LLMs) are taking communications and content creation industries by storm. Well-integrated Gen AI can be a powerful tool to modernize your content strategy.  

In this workshop, you will be guided through the process of evaluating Gen AI models, understanding cyber security risks and mitigation, exploring ethical and legal considerations, and communicating to leadership how and why Gen AI should be incorporated into your content strategy. 

You will learn to

  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of AI  
  • Understand legality and ethical concerns and mitigations  
  • Monitor the trends in AI  
  • Identify use cases for AI 
  • Evaluate Gen AI models  
  • Communicate to leadership about AI  
  • Write a business case for Gen AI  
  • Write a content strategy as it applies to AI  
  • Build an implementation plan for incorporating AI  


There are no prerequisites for this course 

Online Course Required Materials / Background

  • Laptop / personal computer 
  • Internet access 
  • Course is delivered using a live, virtual online classroom, providing an environment for optimal learning. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions by unmuting or using the chat feature. 
  • 6 sessions, one per week 
  • Sessions are 2 hours in length 
  • Each session will provide an exercise for participants to complete independently. Participants are welcome to email instructors with questions throughout the course. Solutions to all assignments will be provided electronically.