Length: Three days
Fee: $1320.00 USD

Who should attend?

  • Instructional designers and information developers creating learning and training content
  • Technical content developers seeking to expand their DITA implementations to include the learning and training specialization
  • Training managers interested in the benefits of transitioning to DITA

Upcoming workshop:

This workshop is currently not scheduled. For information about scheduling this workshop, click here.


Training developers are continually being called upon to deliver more for less – courses that can be easily reused and customized for each client, content appropriate for both print and electronic delivery, material that can remain current and relevant with minimal effort – all without increasing staff or extending deadlines. A variety of tools promise to help, but tools are only as good as the content they contain. The content itself must be well structured and conform to a common standard. The Darwin Information Type Architecture (DITA) is an XML standard that defines an architecture for designing, authoring, publishing, and managing content. Its latest release specifically addresses the needs of the learning and training community.

In this workshop, you are introduced to the OASIS DITA standard and begin using it to create basic training content, including training plans, concept, task, and reference content, and assessments. You learn how DITA provides a common topic structure that enables you to piece together content in a variety of ways and output that content to a number of media and formats, including SCORM packages for uploading into an LMS. You see how DITA allows you to address the needs of multiple audiences or subtle differences in content within a single topic, eliminating repetition that leads to higher translation and maintenance costs. And you experience first-hand the strategies and processes required to successfully implement the DITA standard within your organization.

You will learn to

  • Integrate content written in DITA into your learning and training deliverables
  • Create training plans for your learning and training projects
  • Assemble course, lesson, and content maps
  • Write lesson overviews and summaries
  • Compile lesson content using core DITA task, concept, and reference topics, as well as the LessonContent information type
  • Build lesson assessments using seven different question types
  • Classify and describe content using learning object metadata
  • Implement a reuse strategy
  • Publish content for both ILT and e-learning modes of instruction
  • Upload training content to an LMS
  • Transition your processes and team to a new architecture


Participants need not be familiar with DITA to take this course. Experienced DITA users will find that the emphasis on learning and training applications presents familiar DITA elements in a new way.