Six 2-hour sessions online


$975.00 USD

Who should attend?

  • IT professionals
  • Tech Pubs Managers, Directors, Leads
  • Project Managers
  • Tools specialists

Upcoming workshop:

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“Leadership is not about a role or a title…[it] is an act of influence [and a way of being]. Each of us is a leader…”–Dr. Daniel Friedland

As the speed of change continues to increase and technology begins to outpace our ability to adapt easily, we need to rethink what it means to be a leader and how we connect with our teams. Technology alone cannot solve our people and process challenges; we need new tools that enable us to creatively serve our teams, regardless of what is happening around us.

True leadership begins with our inner work, which enables us to remain centered, flexible, and resilient, even in the midst of a crisis, so that we can effectively solve challenges and serve our teams. We will explore how neuroscience and mindfulness can help us lead in a more solution-oriented manner.

During this workshop, we will explore how neuroscience and mindfulness can move us from states of reactivity to creativity and allow us to tap into our greatest strengths so that we can lead holistically. We will learn about the power of the pause, how to incorporate micro-moments of mindfulness into our daily lives, why the questions we ask matter and how to create better ones. We will build connections with each other, and gain a basic understanding of the power of appreciative inquiry.

You will learn to

  • Understand how neurology influences your leadership capacity
  • Gain at least 3 techniques for building your self-leadership capability and capacity
  • Explore techniques for asking better questions
  • Learn to turn stress into a resource
  • Discover mindfulness practices
  • Develop better habits for recognizing and managing your responses
  • Gain supportive community to practice these skills


  • Fill out intake form
  • Read introduction to Leading Well from Within
  • Watch introductory video

As we enter a whole new world of learning, teaching, and training online, we are being asked as leaders (and participants) to be clear in our expectations for how we show up for ourselves and each other.

So that you receive the most value from this experience, we kindly ask that you honor our agreements of participation:

  • Complete your intake form: You should receive an intake form when you sign up for the workshop.
  • End-to-End Attendance: Please be prepared to be present from beginning to end.
  • Full Engagement: Please participate whole heartedly. Bring a notebook and pen to take notes.
  • Full Presence: Please eliminate notifications, distractions, or anything that will take your attention from the experience.

We ask that you show up fully present and ready to engage, so you AND others receive the most value from this experience. If an attendee does not show up honoring the participation agreement, they may be asked to exit the workshop.”