2.5 days in-person or eight 2-hour sessions online


$1,320.00 USD

Who should attend?

  • Information architects
  • Content strategists
  • Information developers for both publications and training
  • Publications and training managers

Upcoming workshop:

This workshop is currently not scheduled. For information about scheduling this workshop, view our available course formats.

This workshop title is available both in-person and online.


Is your content AI ready?  How does your content show up in an AI generation? With AI incorporated into your content strategy, now you need to ensure that the content is accurate whether you are authoring it or another user getting it generated by an AI. How you write and who (or what) you write for is a critical part of the AI revolution. 

This workshop walks you through the decisions and considerations that need to be made in the process of getting your content AI ready. This includes a deep dive into knowledge graphs with a focus on structured authoring. We will practice prompt engineering skills to equip authors with skills to get the best generations. We will also guide you through the implications and best practices for what happens when your content is ingested into a Gen AI (public or private).   

What you’ll learn

  • How to use Gen AI in your content creation process 
  • How to use Gen AI in you content delivery strategy 
  • How to write for Gen AI 
  • Prompt Engineering 
  • Implementing Gen AI into your content creation process 
  • How to specialize and train a model 


The Incorporating AI into Your Content Strategy workshop is strongly suggested as a prerequisite for this course. 

Online Course Required Materials / Background

  • Laptop / personal computer 
  • Internet access 
  • Course is delivered using a live, virtual online classroom, providing an environment for optimal learning. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions by unmuting or using the chat feature. 
  • 8 sessions, one per week 
  • Sessions are 2 hours in length 
  • Each session will provide an exercise for participants to complete independently. Participants are welcome to email instructors with questions throughout the course. Solutions to all assignments will be provided electronically.